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At Widd Signs, we have more than 30 years’ experience working with both independent care homes and larger care home groups across the UK, including The Royal Hospital Chelsea (home of the Chelsea Pensioners) and Knowsley Housing Trust (KHT) at their Bluebell Park Apartments in Liverpool.

Optegra signage by Widd Signs

Optegra signage by Widd Signs

We know that you want to develop and maintain your care home to a high standard and ensure you’re compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). You’ve no doubt got the basics covered, but did you know the top tips required to ensure your care home signage is DDA compliant and offers the best level of care for your residents too?

In this blog we’ve detailed some top tips to ensure your care home signage not only meets the requirements but gives your care home the wow factor.


Top tips include:

  1. Contrasting colours:

Ensure your signage can be read by anyone with visual impairments by contrasting the colour of the background sign with the colour of the writing, for example if your background signage colour is yellow, a similar light colour writing such as white will be difficult to read and should be contrasted with a dark colour such as black. Consider the font too – keep it as simple as you can in line with your brand guidelines and ensure the colour of the wall the signage will be displayed on contrasts correctly too.

  1. Get the right measurements:

Ensure your care home signage is placed at the correct reading height for residents who may be smaller and in wheelchairs. Furthermore, ensure room signage is placed near the door handle so residents can easily see and access the right room.

  1. Raised writing:

Consider using braille and tactile signage for those with impaired vision, who rely on touch over sight.

Following these tips will ensure your care home does exactly that and cares for its residents.

Want to learn more and ensure the signage company you choose for your care home is well versed in DDA compliance and care? Get in touch to discuss your signage requirements here.

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