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At Widd Signs we’ve worked with leading suppliers for many years to help deliver the best materials to create stunning signage.

Here we speak to Luke Martyn, marketing manager for Perspex Distribution for a special ‘meet the supplier’ Q&A:

Tell us about Perspex Distribution:

We were proud to recently celebrate a significant milestone in our history – 20 years of industry-leading service and innovation. We opened our first branch in Chelmsford, Essex, in October 2003, since then we have successfully expanded our product range and branch locations, distributing sheet plastics to a diverse range of UK industries, from signage and print to construction and precision fabrication.  We have expanded over the years and our network of 5 branches supply businesses across the UK.

Uniquely amongst rigid media suppliers, Perspex Distribution Ltd (PDL) boast over 80% of materials being manufactured here in the UK and is the only supplier to offer sign & print staples such as Cast Acrylic, PVC Foam, Aluminium Composite and Polycarbonate from UK suppliers under one basket.

We are well known for supplying over 150 different variants of Perspex® Cast Acrylic, which have been made in Lancashire for over 85 years.

How long has Perspex Distribution been working with Widd Signs?

We have been working with Widd Signs for over 15 years.   In 2016 we opened our largest warehouse to date, a 30,000 sq ft branch in Leeds, meaning we are now under 4 miles away from the team at Widd Signs making life even more convenient for both parties!

Tell us about some of the key projects Widd Signs and Perspex have worked on together

We are proud to have supported Widd Signs on many of their flagship projects including their ongoing work with Marks and Spencer.  It is fantastic to be part of a large rollout however with Widd Signs’ relationship with this famous store lasting many decades, we never have to travel far to see this recognisable signage in situ.

A couple of specific M&S projects spring to mind including their new Stevenage store.  10 Perspex® acrylic signs – some 8 metres wide – welcome customers to the new 10,000 square metre store.

Even larger than this was the striking 12 metre-high cantilever signage, unmissable to shoppers visiting the M&S flagship store in Manchester Market Street.

M&S Stevenage store with signage by Widd Signs using Perspex

M&S Stevenage store with signage by Widd Signs using Perspex

Our Perspex® Spectrum LED was specified for the illuminated letters manufactured to sit within a contemporary stainless and steel frame.  Perspex® Opal Spectrum colours in both 20mm and 30mm thicknesses were specified for this element as they provide an identical light transmission meaning the different signs will look the same colour when illuminated regardless of their thickness.

The exterior brand signage, produced on behalf of Audas Project Management, was manufactured on such a scale that it took 2 days to install the vertical signs.

What’s your favourite sign Widd has made using Perspex materials and why?

As well as the M&S projects, we also worked with Widd on a number of rollouts for Primark.  One that particularly springs to mind is a new Barcelona store.

Over 50 Perspex® acrylic signs, many manufactured using a bespoke acrylic colour matched by the Perspex® brand colour lab to the Primark corporate branding were fabricated and installed over seven weeks.

10mm aqua blue Perspex® acrylic illuminated signage welcomed shoppers entering the store, whilst our Alupanel aluminium composite has been used to produce lightboxes and directional signage throughout the store.

What’s your favourite thing about working with Widd?

We believe in creating long-lasting relationships with our customers for mutual benefit to both of us, and we feel we are achieving this with Widd Signs.

Knowing that we are also working with a company that has the pedigree of Widd – a business that has been around since 1888!- is something very special and we are grateful to know that we are playing a small part in continuing this story even further.

As you know Widd Signs is committed to sustainability. How can Perspex help more clients choose eco-friendly materials?

Sustainability has been the buzzword in the industry for a number of years and PDL has responded as sign makers and end users seek increased options for materials with significant recycled content and greener credentials.  We have been working hard with our manufacturing partners to increase the availability of recycled products within our range and now offer recycled options within the majority of material types including some exciting new products offering a 100% recycled option.

Leading our offering is PERSPEX®re, our first range of 100% recycled PERSPEX® cast acrylic sheets.  Available from stock across all 5 PDL branches, PERSPEX®re meets the growing demand from sign makers, printers and end users for recycled substrates with a long lifespan.  Not only do customer benefit from clear, opal and black PERSPEX®re from stock but the full range can also be made in any bespoke colour meaning signmakers can match to any brand colours.

Our Alupanel aluminium composite, used by companies such as Widd for sign trays and direct-to-substrate print, is another fantastic eco-friendly product for sign-makers.  Produced with a recycled LDPE core, each sheet contains at least 80% recycled content – and even better these Alupanel sheets are the only ACM manufactured here in the UK!

To discuss your traditional and/or sustainable signage requirements, contact us at