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Here at Widd Signs we’re delighted to showcase the signage for the Great British manufacturer of cleaning products, Astonish, which has supplied household cleaning products to some of the UK’s biggest retailers for more than 40 years.

We’ve worked with Astonish for over 20 years, providing the signage for the Yorkshire-based company’s three moves; supporting the company as it moved from its original start-up facility on Meanwood Road, Leeds to its Pudsey site. We then created the signs for its eye catching location off the

Astonish manufacturing facility in Bradford. Signage by Widd Signs

Astonish manufacturing facility in Bradford. Signage by Widd Signs

M606 to its new home, a purpose-built state of the art manufacturing site and head office at Gain Lane Enterprise Zone, Bradford.

The iconic ‘A’ in Astonish’s logo represents the brand as ‘the pinnacle of cleaning’ and we’ve supported the company and its brand partners, Leeds based branding agency, Born Ugly, to bring the brand to life throughout striking signage.

Astonish built up sign created by Widd Signs

Astonish built up sign created by Widd Signs

Since the millennium, we’ve worked with Astonish to create more than 30 signs. This includes Astonish’s managing director Howard Moss’ favourite sign; an elevated, built up ‘A’ sign which features in the new reception.

The new Astonish reception also boasts a number of artwork panels which we have printed to showcase the journey of the company from original founder Alan creating the business in 1973 to its present-day achievements. The arrangement of the timeline frames means there is plenty of room for further printed signs to be added to the collection as the company continues to thrive over the next 40 years.

And we particularly enjoyed turning the staff canteen wall into colourful, inspiring wall art reading ‘IT’S YOUR TIME TO ASTONISH’  made by digitally printing onto MD5 HiTac greyback vinyl.

And not only have we created brand new signage, but we’ve also supported the company’s commitment to the environment to clean up, remove and re-install the iconic 10-metre-long signage from its M606 home to its new facility as part of our signage maintenance package.

We’ve loved working with Astonish and Howard Moss, managing director of Astonish comments:

“I originally saw Widd Signs’ own sign when they were based in Armley, I used to drive past a lot and saw they were founded in 1888 so knew they must be doing something right to have been going so long!

“Widd Signs are very good at what they do and I like how we can push the boundaries with them. I’ve always believed in investing well and know that you get what you pay for. I wanted our signage to be the bees knees so knew I needed a top-notch company to deliver that.

“I’ve stuck with Widd Signs as they’ve always created and fitted an amazing finished product. Some of the signage looks as good as when it was first installed over 10 years ago so they cleaned it up and helped us bring it with us to our new facility.

“I can’t recommend Widd Signs highly enough. They are good guys who provide a fair price for a top-quality product.”

To see Astonish’s signage and hear more from Howard, check out this video.

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